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Cosmetic Tattoo Procedure for Permanent Eyebrows

Cosmetic Tattoo Procedure for Permanent Eyebrows

Sometimes cosmetic eyebrow tattooing is a necessary step in the reconstruction of a face following a traumatic accident, it can also be used for patients who have sparse eyebrows and do not want to apply brow liner daily. In these and other cases, cosmetic eyebrow tattooing is a viable option.

Eyebrow Micropigmentation - Finding a Technician

Finding a licensed and qualified technician to perform the cosmetic eyebrow tattooing may be difficult for a patient. Many people may claim to be qualified to do the procedure, when in fact their experience lies mostly in body tattoos. It is a subtle art that makes a technician able to do cosmetic eyebrow tattooing well and it also takes a fair amount of experience to make permanent eyebrows look natural. A patient can speak with friends and colleagues to see if anyone knows of someone who is reputable.

Ideal Candidates for Eyebrow Micropigmentation

The ideal candidate for cosmetic eyebrow tattooing is one that is in good health and has realistic expectations of the procedure. The cosmetic eyebrow procedure will not return the area to a completely normal look, but will make the overall appearance of the patient more refined and balanced. Patients who are allergic or sensitive to makeup, have skin or hair loss disorders, illnesses, or just lack the time to put on makeup are all considered good candidates for the cosmetic eyebrow tattooing.

Consultation - Eyebrow Tattoo

In the initial consultation, the physician and patient will discuss the probable outcomes of the cosmetic eyebrow tattooing. Many physicians will have former patient pictures available for the new patient to examine. This will give the patient a good idea as to what can be achieved by the cosmetic eyebrow tattoo technician. The doctor will examine the eyebrow area and determine what can be done with the cosmetic eyebrow tattooing. Risks and anesthesia options will also be discussed in the initial consultation. A complete medical history will be taken in order to inform the doctor of any medical conditions or prescriptions that might interfere with the results.

Procedure - Eyebrow Tattoo Treatment

The permanent makeup tattoo that is applied is made up of vegetable products that are injected into the skin. After an anesthetic ointment is applied, tiny needles are used to inject the coloring and are sometimes seen on a rotary coil instrument. The tip is dipped into the dye and then the needle is placed into the skin in cosmetic eyebrow tattooing. Some bleeding may occur as the skin is punctured, but it will be minimal. Most cosmetic eyebrow tattooing procedures last an hour, but it depends on the extent of the work that needs to be done. At the end of the session, the area will be cleaned and an antiseptic cream will be applied. Eyebrow tattooing requires fine work to look good. To achieve this, the tattoos are often applied by hand rather than with electric needles. The technician can achieve much finer and pleasing results by hand, but this also makes the procedure longer.

Risks of Eyebrow Tattoo Surgery

Not following the physician's orders after the cosmetic eyebrow tattooing procedure can lead to a delay in healing and cause unwanted results. If a patient is unhappy with the results of the cosmetic eyebrow tattooing, laser skin resurfacing may help to remove the coloring, but may not be able to remove it entirely.

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